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Reusable Dog Pee Pads - Puppy Potty Training Pad

Reusable Dog Pee Pads - Puppy Potty Training Pad

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Does your dog pee or poop all around your house?

Getting dogs to pee in a particular area is a difficult task. However with washable pee pads, you can lay it down in the area you want your dog to pee, once the dog pees on the pad, it is more likely of him to pee in the same area again. 

The best part is, that the pee pad is super absorbent due to which your floor will remain absolutely clean! Oh and yes, did we tell you that you can also wash this pee pad?

YUP! No more hassle of changing pee pads every time your dog pees or poops on them, use these washable pee pads, let them stay for the whole day and wash it every night!

We suggest getting two pee pads so that by the time one is washed and dried, you can use the other one.

Still not convinced to get this washable pee pad? Well, here are some more reasons!

Now don't wait, go ahead and get washable pee pad for your furry friend now, we only have few units left!

Important: Size in the image is for representation purposes only, the size of the product to be delivered will be 50*70cms. 


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Sumeeti Gupta
Pee pads

Nice one


Totally love this. Been using for a month and found to be very useful.