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PetPot Spray - 200ML

PetPot Spray - 200ML

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Our Potty Training Spray PETPOT™ is specially formulated to help train dogs and cats to relieve themselves where you want them to. The unique attractant scent will encourage pets to urinate wherever the product is sprayed. PETPOT™ makes the task a whole lot easier.

To use it, simply spray wherever you want your pet to poop. Once your puppy gets a whiff, they will know exactly where to go potty at.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Adhidhya Kugan

    PetPot Spray - 200ML

    Gurvinder singh

    PetPot Spray - 200ML

    Debopriya Majumder
    It really works

    I was not sure weather this would work but after using it .. i confirm this definitely works .. try using it on a cloth or paper

    Tanya Jain

    PetPot Spray - 200ML

    Surabhi Srivastava

    PetPot Spray - 200ML

    This product is perfect to potty train your dog!

    Experience the difference with our product's exceptional features that will exceed your expectations!

    Usage & FAQs

    How It Works

    The product mimics the smell of dog pee.  There are two types of dogs, dominative and docile. When dominative dogs smell this artificial pee smell, they pee in that area to mark their territory and show their domination. However, docile dogs will react completely opposite and won't pee at all in that area. Hence, after spraying, if you see that your dog isn't peeing in sprayed area, then it means your dog is docile and you can then use the spray to prevent him from peeing in the area he usually pees in.

    As a bonus, our spray can also clean up stains, get rid of odors, and leave your house smelling fresh. The formula naturally kills bacteria.

    How To Use

    STEP 1:Spray it a bit on Cloth, Newspaper or floor where you want your pet to poop.

    STEP 2:Place your pet in the area sprayed and allow them to sniff the scent. This will encourage them to poop in that area.

    STEP 3:Continue the training process by spraying the Pet Pot Spray in the desired area and take your puppy back to that area around 3-4 times daily, especially after they drink, eat or play.

    STEP 4:After 15-20 times your lovely pet will learn and understand that he has to only pee or poop in that area, and your house will be free of mess!