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Nope Poop Spray - Potty Training for Dogs

Nope Poop Spray - Potty Training for Dogs

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Tired of your dog peeing all the time on the sofa or on your shoes or somewhere else? 🐶

Have you tried everything to make your dog stop peeing on those places but couldn't succeed? We feel you!

Hence, we came up with No Poop Spray! This is a spray which has been made keeping in mind new pet parents and parents with small pups! 

Nope Poop can be sprayed on places where your dog keeps on peeing. Once it smells the scent of the spray in the the area where he keeps on peeing, he won't pee in that area anymore. 

Really affective on small pups and middle aged dogs. On persistent application, your dog will get trained and stop peeing in the area.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Mythrei Ojjala

    Nope Poop Spray - Potty Training for Dogs

    Sabyasachi Ray

    So far the spray looks effective

    Varun singh
    Love this stuff

    Love this stuff, I have ordered this several times and it has really worked for my puppy. I have turned my neighbors and friends onto it. definitely get it, has not stained any of the floors, furniture or carpet. There is no odor either this best stuff. I have use it inside & outside the house . On outside plants, inside plants you name it I have sprayed it. My puppy is not needed, I’m not getting him neutered and he is not spraying anywhere it’s amazing. It’s great. I didn’t Think would ever find a product that would really work. So yes I recommend this stuff, but you have to be regiment to train your puppy or if you’re going to retrain your dog do it the label says it does work.

    This spray works!

    My older dog has been urinating in several places in our home. When I began spraying these spots he stopped hiking his leg on my furniture. So far this problem was halted. I recommend your product to anyone else having this problem.

    Miracle in a bottle!.

    This stuff is amazing!. I had my doubts about it but I haven’t had a problem with my sisters male dog peeing all Over the place!. He’s stubborn and don’t want to use the puppy pads like the other dogs and I had problems with him peeing on my bed but it’s not been an issue since I got this spray!. Now you do have to make sure it’s kept up like every other day when you sweep and mop just to put a fresh coat down but this stuff is a miracle in a bottle I tested it out on my room, bathroom, and kitchen as all the rooms are connected aside from my sisters room and the living room I was afraid they wouldn’t use the puppy pads if it was sprayed before placing it down but it works amazingly I had no issues at all would for sure recommend to anyone especially people with stubborn puppies.

    This product is perfect to potty train your dog!

    Experience the difference with our product's exceptional features that will exceed your expectations!

    Usage & FAQs

    How It Works

    This spray generates an odor that dogs hate! As a result, when you use this spray in the area where dogs usually pee or poop, they prefer not to go there anymore as they can smell the spray. Repeated use trains them to not to pee or poop in the area where the spray is regularly used.

    How To Use

    STEP 1:Take the spray and spray it in the area where the dog pees.

    STEP 2:The dog will smell and will not pee/poop in that area.

    STEP 3:Repeat the process for few days and use the spray 3 times everyday for effective use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many times do I need to use it?
    Use it 3-4 times per day for minimum 3 days.

    How old does the puppy need to be?
    While this spray may work for all ages, we usually suggest puppies to be atleast 10 weeks old.

    I used it once but it didn't work, what to do?
    Don't worry, this is a behavioral training product, and requires to be used 3-4 times per day to see best results.