Become an Ambassador!

We are happy to tell you that we are launching an ambassador program for Pets Get Best and we would love to have you as a part of it. 

As a brand ambassador, you would be able to:

- Give custom 15% discount code for your followers
- Receive 15% commission on delivered orders if someone buys from your link/code and get paid monthly in your bank account.
- Receive Bonuses on reaching milestones (To be announced soon)
- Sneak Peek of a bonus: Rs. 1,000 Amazon gift card on top of normal commission on reaching 20 sales.
- Run one Giveaway on your profile every month sponsored by Pets Get Best (Only for accounts with more than 10k followers)
- Get promoted across Instagram as we will run paid ads in collaboration with your profile (Only with the Star Ambassador, every month)
- Tell us what products you want us to launch next
- Receive exclusive information on the products we are about to launch
- Get our latest products for FREE!
And many more exciting Gifts and Offers!

In return, we would like the following from you:
- Mention of our brand in your bio for eg. Ambassador at @petsgetbest
- Three stories per month (can include your ambassador link)
- Two post per month (We would share the details for the same)
- High Quality images and reels with our products (details of the same would be shared with you on a monthly basis)

The best part about the whole Brand Ambassador program is the paid promotion that we will do for our star ambassador, basically we would be running paid ads for their account in collaboration with ours which will help them reach a huge amount of new audience.

We are extremely delighted to launch something like this, in the past 8 months since we launched, we have seen tremendous growth, lots of doggos and tons of love! All this was possible due to people like you, and hence, we would like to give back, this Ambassador program, is a small step towards the same :) We really wish to have you as a part of our Ambassador Program

If you are interested to become an Ambassador, please click here.


When will I be paid?
You would be paid on 15th of every month. For the first payment, you would be paid on 15th of the next month from your date of joining.

How will I be paid?
You can choose to be paid in store vouchers or via bank transfer.

Would I be paid for all the orders?
You would be paid for all the 'delivered' orders that we receive from your link or discount code. Please note that you won't be paid for orders which are cancelled or not delivered or returned by the customer.

How can I track my orders and commission?
You can track your orders and commission by going here:

How will the giveaway be conducted? What will be the prizes?
The giveaway will be conducted via your Instagram profile through posts/stories. The prizes would vary from time to time, we would inform you about the same.

Will you feature me in social media ads?
For our star ambassadors every month, we would be running ads in collaboration with them which will show a sponsored post from their profile to hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram and Facebook. This would give them and their following a huge amount of boost.

Who is a star ambassador?
Star ambassador would be the ambassador who has made most amount of sales in the previous month. For eg, if someone made highest sales in May, they would be the Star Ambassador for the month of June.