This pug was rescued from the streets because of you!

He was dumped on street to die by some cruel humans and they never turned back.

He was counting his days and was all broken.

A kind soul informed about him and his rescue was started. Poor thing was in pathetic state but still trusted humans. He come to the human wagging his tail in hope. He was taken to a vet and was diagnosed with severe mange, bacterial and fungal infection together.

A lot of medication, injections, medicated baths a bit of care and a pinch of love for two months transformed him into an adorable handsome little boy.

He deserved a second chance at life and now have been adopted by an amazing family now who loves him to bits. He got his own bed, new toys and siblings to cuddle with.

When Rescued: 

During Rehab: 


We would like to thank all of the people who made a purchase with us in the month of June, it is due to your purchase that we were able to contribute to this noble cause. 10% of our sales were donated to Md. Zabi Khan's organization to help such babies in need.
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